Find your exhibition stand builder quickly and easily

Find your exhibition stand builder quickly and easily

We support you with:


Exclusive Network

Only registered and certified stand builders
have access
to your tender documents.


No Obligation to Accept

All the offers you receive
from the stand builders are without obligation
to accept and they are free of charge.


Free Service

For you as an exhibitor our service
Is completely free.
There will be no fees.


Up to 3 Offers

You will receive up to 3 offers
from different stand constructors
and can thus compare.


Anonymous Tender

Your tender is anonymous.
Only really interested stand builders
receive your contact information.


Saving of Time

With only one tender
You receive up to 3 offers
within a few days.


Call us!

Our service team is looking forward to assist you

+49 (0)431 66 11 42 55

Monday till Friday
9 am - 4 pm

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Start the Temdering

You can use our form to submit a new tender. Please fill in all relevant boxes. You can also upload an already existing tender in PDF or in Word format. In addition, there is the possibility to add existing drawings or pictures. The more detailed you describe your desired booth, the better the stand builders can estimate the effort and submit a more detailed offer. It is important that you already have a valid registration at the fair for your stand.

Receiving up to 3 Offers

After we have received your tender documents, we will call you to review all the important points. So we possibly can find errors and check your tender documents for plausibility. Afterwards, we will publish your inquiry anonymously in our closed network. During the tender phase, you will be informed of all important points by e-mail; i.e. if a stand builder is interested in your tender or when the tender is finished. In case the tender is realistic already after a short time, up to 3 stand builders will contact you to submit a quotation. You decide when and to what extent you want the offer. Bereits nach kürzester Zeit werden sich nun bis zu 3 Messebauer bei Ihnen melden um Ihnen ein Angebot zu unterbreiten. Sie bestimmen, bis wann und in welchem Umfang Sie das Angebot haben möchten.

Choose the one stand builder that best suits your needs

After you have received up to 3 offers, you can opt for the offer with the best price / performance ratio. All offers are free of charge and without obligation. There is no obligation to accept an offer. Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that the preparation of an offer including the design of a stand creates a lot of work and costs. Therefore, we will only publish serious requests in our network. We will not tolerate just price surveys or fancy inquiries. They are associated with compensation fees and exclusion from our network.

Exhibitors ask - vivafair answers:

1Why is the Service free of charge? Who bears the expenses?
For you as an exhibitor our service is free of charge. You will receive up to 3 free and non-binding offers from various exhibition stand builders. You have the choice between different offers. The costs are born by building companies participating in the tender. They are therefore really interested.
2Are the costs allocated in the offers?
The fees are part of the normal marketing and acquisition costs of a company. It can be assumed that these costs will be partly transferred to the offer as well as to all other costs incurred to gain and process new orders. To what extent this happens, is different from stand builder to stand builder. As an exhibitor, you have the opportunity to choose the offer with the best price and performance ratio.
3What does it mean „Reviewed“ Company?
All vivafair registered companies are reviewed before becoming a partner of the vivafair network. We interview them to check key factors of their business activities (for example: annual turnover, number of customers, number of employs, company size etc.) to ensure that they are able to deliver the quality and scope of performance the exhibitors are looking for. It is only after examination and approval of the companies that a builder can participate in the tenders. Prior to this, they do not have access to the tenders.
4What happens to my data during and after the invitation?
You must enter your contact information when creating a new tender. All stand building companies, which are registered and activated in our network, will be given anonymous information about your invitation. Only those companies that are really interested and who participate in the tender will receive your contact information. They have to pay a small placement fee before they send you an offer. All other companies do not know your contact data. When 3 companies have been found who wish to participate in the tender and / or if the tender is closed, the data are taken out of the system and are therefore no longer accessible to the companies in the network.
5Who gets my tender?
Tenders will only be published in our exclusive network. Only reviewed and approved companies have access.
6How long does it take to the first offer?
This depends on both your specifications and the participating companies. The stand builders taking part in a tender are encouraged to report to you within 1-2 business days to clarify further details. At that time, you may also agree with the builder when and to what extent the offer should be send to you.
7What if I do not like any offer?
In order to provide a good and serious offer, the stand building companies need extensive information from you. The more the better. Furthermore, our network is so extensive that suitable companies are available for each tender. If, however, you are not satisfied with none of the offers, then you have the opportunity to negotiate with the building companies to obtain further improvements. If you do not succeed to improve the offer you do not have to accept any of the offers you have recieved. All offers are free of charge and without obligation. Participation in our tendering portal does not oblige you to accept an offer. ATTENTION: Exactly as you want to receive realistic and fair offers from the building companies, the building companies want to invest their time and money in realistic and serious tenders. We do not tolerate pure price surveys or fancy announcements. Should we find out that you as an exhibitor have no real interest in finding a new stand builder, then the fees caused by your "fake" tender can be transferred to you. (Please see “Terms and Conditions”)
8I have specific requirements. Can your network cover these?
Due to the size and composition of our exclusive network, companies should always be able to meet your specific wishes and challenges.